SPOT Frequently Asked Questions!


How much does it cost to ride the bus?
Nothing. SPOT is free to everyone.

When should I be at the bus stop?
You should be standing next to the bus stop sign five minutes prior to the time posted in the schedule.

Can riders be picked up at places other than designated stops?
No. Passengers may only board the bus at marked bus stops.

Can riders be dropped off at places other than designated stops?

Are kids allowed on the bus?
Yes. However, children under the age of six must be accompanied by an adult.

Is food or drink allowed on the buses?
No. Food or beverages are not permitted aboard. However, groceries in sealed containers are allowed.

We are going to the beach. Can we ride the bus?
Sure. But passengers must wear shirts and shoes. No wet swimming suits on the cloth seats, please!

All the seats on my bus are taken. May I stand?
Yes. Passengers are permitted to stand on the bus, but not forward of the driver.

Can I listen to my music/book on tape?
Yes. Personal audio devices are allowed if earphones are used and the volume is not disruptive.

Where can I get a bus schedule?
Brochures are available via mail, online, or from your bus driver.

The bus showed up, but both bike slots were full. Can I put my bicycle inside the bus?
No. Please wait for the next bus.

Are animals allowed on the bus?
Yes. However, they must be secured in an approved pet carrier.

How many wheelchairs will the bus carry?
Each SPOT bus can accommodate up to one wheelchair at a time.

I am sight-impaired. Can I bring my guide dog onto the bus?
Yes. Service animals are welcome on the bus. They must be under restraint and not on the seat.

Can I smoke at the back of the bus?
No. Smoking paraphernalia of any kind are prohibited within 25 feet of the bus.